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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Feelin’ Fine

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Oh was it ever a good week last week!! The weather was amazing, and there was a lot of running to be had!! I got in four runs, all without kids. I also attempted one with kids and it wasn’t pretty. At all. U.G.L.Y. Sorry folks, it happens.

And yes, it’s still January here in CO, so we’re still working out in the mall. Which, despite how we look, works very well. I am certain the mall clean-up crew hates us – LOATHES us in fact –  because after we leave the play area looks like someone blew up a grocery cart. A really full grocery cart. But it is what it is. So far no one has told us to leave, or lectured us on mall etiquette, or arrested us. We’ve been told not to run, but we’re down with that.

So, if you have a mall, and you have children…work out at the play area, or some other wide-open middle-of-the-mall space before the mall opens. When the power walkers are out. They will accept you into their fold, trust me.

Without further delay, the circuit workout of the week:    Oh, and I almost forgot – this works best (meaning: is more difficult) with a kettle bell, hand weights or bands.

30 triceps kickbacks
20 spider drags
30 bicep curl to overhead press
15 traveling push ups
30 dips
20 Triple Delt DutyHold a dumbbell in each hand out to the sides at shoulder level. Circle arms forward 15 times, then back 15 times. Next, bend elbows 90 degrees. Rotate forearms down so they’re parallel to the floor, then back up. Then bring elbows together and back out
15 each side curtsy lunges with hammer curl
20 Pop ups, (from plank pop up to a surfing position)
25 up and overs
10 3-way jump squat (land with feet hip width, then shoulder width, then wide with toes out)

Get out your bangs

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All you Moms out there, this is for you. Yep, I’m talkin’ to you.

Since May I’ve been attempting to exercise with my children. It’d be heavenly to exercise without them, but let’s just face it, there are not enough waking hours in the world. I know, I’ve tried to operate on much less sleep. It doesn’t work. You do things like put cheese in the junk drawer. Its not pretty. It makes it scary to open drawers.

I’ve got an amazing group of moms who I exercise with twice a week, some of them more. Usually we do things with our children in tow. So I want to share what we do. That way you can do it too. If you want (and really, why wouldn’t you want to!?) I want moms to know that they can get fit, and set an amazing example, with kids around.

On Mondays we do circuits. If its nice we do them at a playground (which is glorious). If its not nice we do them in the mall. Oh yeah, get out your bangs, we exercise in the mall. I do feel terribly silly, even though no one has ever given anything other than an encouraging word. It can’t be helped. Its hard to embrace the fertile Jane Fonda look. Now, I’m going to list the exercises in our circuit this week. If I have time I will link to examples of each move, but if you don’t see links that means life caught up with me. Google them yourselves. It only takes a few minutes. I promise. I do it every Monday morning 20 minutes before departure while my kids eat breakfast. And share a lot with the dog.

Set 1: 25 Box Jumps, 30 Russian Twists (each side)

Set 2: 30 Mountain Climbers, 30 Bicycles (each side)

Set 3: 25 Burpees, Planks for 30 seconds on each side and in the center.

Set 4: 30 Floor Touch Lunges (each side), Leg Kick into Single Pike Press (this is a Jillian Michaels move and it will make you hurt the next day)

Set 5: One-legged squats (like a shoot-the-duck on ice skates) 10 on each side, 20 reps of The Matrix

Set 6: 30 Dips, 25 V-ups.

Repeat if you can!

Each week I’ll post our Monday morning workout, and at the end of the week I’ll post a list of whatever other workouts I’ve done. Here we go! Welcome to Team Mama!