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Last (hopefully) Workout Indoors (til next winter)

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Argh, I’m annoyed. More. Freakin. Snow. Usually I love snow. Really, I do. I’m not just saying that to be interesting. I Love it, play in it, don’t mind shoveling it, make sno-ice cream out of it, can’t get enough of it.
Well…I got enough this year. Our lovely weather-lady said this was our 7th snowstorm since March. Yikes. I’m all for building up the snow pack levels in the mountains, but not so much in my yard. I’m ready for spring, ready to plant a garden and ready to stop layering up the kids just to go out and get the newspaper.

I’m stealing a line from a friend’s husband: Dear April, You are drunk. Go home.
So, I’m posting what I hope to all the powers that be is my last indoor workout for a loooong time. I like sunshine and short sleeves. I think my legs have done enough running this winter that they’re ready to be flaunted in broad daylight. Yes, I’m sure of it.
So let this be the last. Til November.
Each exercise should be done for 1 min with 1 min of rest in between sets of 2 exercises.
Set 1: Low side-step/Plank
Set 2: Lunge with twist/Russian twists
Set 3: Calf raises 3-ways/Plank lift
Set 4: Frog Jump/Criss cross bicycles
Set 5: Beast Reach/ In and Out (from Ab Ripper X)
Set 6: Stork Seesaw/Backwards bicycle
Set 7: Ape Squat/Wide-leg sit-ups (from Ab Ripper X)
Set 8: Burpees/Fifer scissor (from you know where)
Set 9: Push-ups/Pulse-up
Set 10: Dips/Oblique V-ups (yes, more)

Almost all of these moves came from Fitness Magazine or P90x. If you aren’t sure what they are, please Google them. There are gobs of videos out there!! Use them!



My 13.1 Muggy Miles

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Okay, we did it!! Wa-hooo!!! And do you know what? It was FUN. Yes, in all caps. FUN. I will admit, even my undying love for my Maryland Friend wasn’t enough to make me confident that I could run beside someone for 13.1 miles. But we even held hands across the finish line. It was ridiculously goofy. And awesome. We will do it every year.

Up until last summer, I never ran regularly with another human being. Generally, I don’t like it. I know – shoot the mean girl – but honestly, I find it harder to get my running rhythm when I’m chatting. Last summer though, I happened upon a running partner. We run stairs, we run trails and in the winter we run roads. And I like running with her! I really and truly like it. A lot. So she prepped me for my great big chatty run. And, as mentioned before; it. was. awesome.

Other things it was:Hilly



Welcome to St. Louis. You’d think I’d remember these things. You know, having grown up there and all. Well, my brain might have remembered, but my body did not. My poor little face was redder than a Cardinal. My poor little lungs were swimming in all that moist air. And my poor little legs were tired from all those rolling hills – even though there is not a single flat run to be had in my neck of the world.

But it was still FUN. Still caps. I will do many, many more half-marathons. Maybe never another full, even hunting for the Loch Ness monster was barely enough to keep me interested in that (another story, another time), but half-marathons. Sign me up!

Just to break it down a little, my run emotions went something like this:

Mile 1: Hyper Squirrel excited mixed with mild annoyance at all the other shoes and legs I had to avoid.

Mile 2-5: Just plain fun. Felt great, super great. Saw my sister, cousin and sister’s friend on the double back and it made me gleeful.

Mile 6-9: Bad Ass. We did some big hills and it felt great to overcome them. It also felt great to see a few family members cheering us on.

Mile 10: Where is the music? Where are my cheerleaders? Are those full marathoners passing me? I’m thirsty. I’m hungry. Ew, that Gu is disgusting.

But also at mile 10 someone told us we were at mile 9 (an actual race official I believe) and it made us feel soooo slow. We started to worry about our pace, and feel a little bad about ourselves. That was just crazy. They should have passed out Zoloft instead of Gu.

Mile 11: We’re going to make it! High fives all around. I’m such a dork.

Mile 12-13: I can’t wait to be done! I am so psyched that we’re still actually running. And together. And talking!!!!!!!!!!!! And where the F* did these hills come from? Why did those looney race organizers put a hill at the end of the race? That’s just unkind. But we’re done!!!

And we finished strong. Goofy and holding hands and smiling. 2 hours, 27 minutes. 11-minute miles. Not too shabby.


So, it’s been awhile since I posted a workout, and I think you ladies need another. I and my Tough Mother Friends will be doing this on Monday morning. Get ready girls! Lots of jumping! This is from a workout blog my sister frequents (and that’s my sister of the sub-8-min-mile half-marathon pace), so it should be good. Aaannnd, notice the 30 seconds of rest in between each set? That’s only allowed if you do each set at full effort. Meaning as many reps in one minute as you can muster. If you’re at 70% effort, or even 90% then cut back on that rest.