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Dinosaur Train

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So, today before I give up the workouts from last week, I want to share a little motivation. I feel relatively new at this running thing, but I like it a lot. And that makes me excited. I’ll admit, I’m pretty easily excited, but this is some good, long-lasting excitement. But, excitement aside, why do I run? I’m not sure I really know yet. But I’ve made a few observations.

Moving makes me feel good. Being strong makes me feel even better. Possessing noteworthy endurance makes me feel like a goddess. Who wouldn’t want that!!??

Truly. I am confused by people who aren’t willing to work hard to feel good.

I feel good before, during and after. But the feelings of goodness are different from one another. On Monday I did a 10-mile route that kicked my butt. Hard. It had giant hills. Hills called Dinosaur Ridge. Hills that I only thought crazy people ran up. On Monday I got crazy. I ran up Dinosaur Ridge. Before I started I felt excited, springy and light, ready and willing. For most of the run I felt great. But then I got about 3/4 of the way up the mile-long ridge. Then, I felt like ass. I was hot, sweaty, sucking wind and doing the embarrassing runner-shuffle. Not really running, but too proud to actually walk. You’ve seen it, I’m sure. Well, I did it. And it felt rough. But my brain was saying, “You are doing this. You are succeeding. You are awesome.” Thank God for my brain. It kept the good feelings coming. And I ran to the top.

Afterwards I felt accomplished, strong, relieved, tired, starving and chaffed in some spots. Ew. But it was all so ridiculously worth it. And it makes me wonder….why do you run? Or, if you don’t, why not?


Circuit Workout (partner up!)

So, for this workout, pair up. You will each be doing separate moves, but using each other as a timing mechanism. Meaning:

Set 1: Person 1 runs (we run around a half basketball court twice) then does 50 jumping jacks. Person 2 does a regular plank and then a plank with knees to elbows. P2 switches exercises when P1 switches. Then swap places/exercises.

Set 2: P1 Grapevine x 2, 25 mountain climbers on each side. P2 Russian twists, bicycles. Then swap places/exercises.

Set 3: P1 High knees x 2, 25 burpees. P2 Push-ups, dips. Then swap places/exercises.

Set 4: P1 Squat shuffle x 2, 25 calf raisers 3 ways (toes forward, toes in, toes out, for a total of 75). P2 Push ups and plank raises. (Google if you don’t know a move!) Then swap places/exercises.

Set 5: P1 Speed skater jumps x 2 laps, 30 dips. P2 air squats, dips. Then swap places/exercises.

Red Rocks Workout #2

Warm up – run down a row, run up two flights of stairs, run back the next row. Repeat.

Run down two flights of outside stairs, run up one. All the way to the bottom.

Run down a row. Do five push-ups at the end. Run up the next row. Do five push-ups at the end. Repeat to the top.

This equals an obscene amount of push-ups. I don’t even want to tell you how many because then you’ll obsess about it the whole way up and the weight of knowing the number will likely just make you miserable. In fact, just in case your math brain is on, I’m not even going to tell you the number of rows at Red Rocks. Don’t find out the number until AFTER you’ve done this once. Then, even if the number scares you, you’ll still know you can do this!

Trot down the inside stairs. Yes, just trot. You’ll be tired. Trust me.

Run the planters up. Planters are the brick walled areas on the sides of the amphitheater. Where the trees grow. Run at a planter, climb up it. Repeat til you get to the top.

Jump squats down with 20 dips on each 5th row.

Frog jumps, bounders and backwards (sideways for us for now) push ups back up. We find it more productive to do 4-6 of each move before switching to the next. Eventually we’ll do each move up once…but that takes a little more endurance than I’ve got at this point!

May/June Workout Calendar

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May 2013 Calendar

June_ 2013 Calendar

Red Rockin’ It

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Let’s talk stairs. Specifically Red Rocks Amphitheater. It’s Red Rocks season, and I love, love, love it!! Red Rocks workouts kick my butt. Big time. I pant, I sweat, muscles burn, ache and whine and it is some tough stuff. Today is Wednesday and my abs are still sore from Saturday’s workout. Granted, I repeated parts of it on Monday, but still, its Wednesday people!

So, for those of you who are lucky enough to have such an awesome place to work out. Do it. Take advantage of it. It’s so amazing to get to the top of the bleachers and look out on all that gorgeous natural beauty, and Denver sparkling off in the distance.

I can overlook the stench of old dried beer spills, the wee little skunk who snacks his way through the aisles and the crazy people who do dive-bomber push-ups down the bleachers. I can. I do. Because it’s totally worth it. And fun. In that crazy-psycho sort of way.

If you don’t live near Red Rocks; never fear/you’re not off the hook (depends on how you look at it). Just find some bleachers. Got a high school with a track nearby? Well, get on it. Even my in-laws in po-dunk Midland, PA have a local track.

What can you do at Red Rocks?? Oh the possibilities. Oh the Thinks you can think!!

1. Run the aisles. Run the stairs. Up and down, across, up and down, across.

2. Run the stairs. Any ole’ combination of up down will do! Up 5 flights , down 3. Up two-steps-at-a-time, down as fast as you can. Frog jump up as many steps as you can, hop down on one foot, then alternate. Sprint up to the top 5 times. Pick a flight and do 10 laps: run up, run across, run down x 10. Are you getting the idea? You don’t need to be a creative genius to go up and down stairs.

2. Mix in your laps with push-ups. Or an ab exercise. Bicycles and leg raises are great! One of our toughest workouts includes 5 push-ups the end of every row. When we’re done we’ve completed some unruly number of push-ups, like 135. I could never do 135 push-ups at once, but I sure as heck can do five at a time.

3. Planters. It would be hard to mimic these somewhere other than Red Rocks., but they are so fun. Runasfastasyoucan right at the 5-foot wall! Climb it! Run to the next one! Climb it! Continue til you’re at the top. Rough on your fingertips, killer on your core, shoulders and calves.

4. Stand facing a bleacher row. Step up using your left leg, knee up with the right. Step down. Step up using your right leg, knee up with the left. Step down. Box jump up. Yeah, I said box jump.

5. Just run up the bleachers. Giant steps, one leg at a time, as fast as you can. I have yet to make it up all the bleachers at a running pace the whole time. By the end I’m practically picking up one leg with my hands and placing it on the step. Sounds simple, but its a doozie. Especially if you’ve got short-girl legs like me. There’s like, 6 feet between each bleacher. I swear it.

6. Leapfrog up. Just like in grade school. Place your hands palm down on a row of bleachers in front of you. Push up, spring off your legs and swing them onto the bleacher your hands are on. These are not your P.E. teacher’s leapfrogs. They are Red Rocks leapfrogs. They will make you wish you were eating flies instead.

7. Do something hoss up. Jump squats down. Nice loose legs and a soft landing. It adds up. Kinda like butter and sugar in cookie dough. Seems harmless, til you eat the whole bowl.

8. So I’ve been focusing on up and down – what about the across? At the bottom of the amphitheater is a stage. At the top is a big open concrete pad. Both are great places for grapevines, high knees, butt kicks, squat shuffles, crab walks, run backwards, etc. Pick an activity and sprint it across. Once, maybe twice. Just be fast!

9. I nearly forgot one of my favorites! Dips!! Dips are so good for those arms and shoulders. The farther out your feet are from your arms, the harder you are working those muscles. I think about 15-20 dips at the end of every other row should do it!

10. For some reason I feel compelled to end at a nice 10 suggestions. But I can’t think of an excellent 10th. So I will say this: Just show up at Red Rocks when there is not a concert. You will see people doing crazy-impressive things. Copy them until you can’t take anymore. Repeat weekly.

Keepin’ It Real.

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Just to keep it real here – I’m going to replay to you the past two days. This is for all the mammas out there who might think I’ve got it all together. This is to let you know that really, I don’t. I just try to make it look that way as often as possible 😉

Things I Did Wrong Yesterday (in chronological order)

6:30 – Made 15 mini-strawberry shortcakes for Amelia’s school celebrated birthday (her real one is in July). A week early.

7:00 – Unsuccessfully communicated to the non-English speaking roofers how to install brackets on the roof for safety during Christmas light hanging. One bracket broken.

8:15 – Left house for the entire day and didn’t bring nearly enough coffee/snacks for me, kids or the dog.

11:45 – Locked keys in the car at the gas station. Yes, with children and dog.

11:55 – Said to little old lady who chastised me for not telling her I wasn’t immediately leaving the pump, “My children are in this car. They are unhappy. YOU are not my responsibility.”

Yes – I had already explained to her that my keys were locked in the car. Did she care? Nah. She had to fill her car with gas, right?

Yes – I was talking to Amelia through the car window when she approached me.

12:45 – Took us all to McDonald’s. Ordered the 20-piece nuggets and Beast-sized fries. We ate every last bite. Drank a soda large enough to fill a baby pool.

Other Things that Made the Past 48 Hours Rough (in no particular order)

1. My husband came home and said….”Our roof is brown and you cut your hair?” I don’t think it was merely an observation.

2. Cooper woke up this morning with one wicked nasty diaper. Imagine a lava flow, but instead, well, you know; running out the sides of a diaper. I should have put him to bed with a Tupperware container on his butt.

3. Amelia wet the bed. Probably due to her traumatic trip to the gas station.

4. There are 5″ of snow on the ground. Fresh snow. On May 1. I had to cancel my stroller run. I am visibly angry at Mother Nature. I am pretty sure my brow has been furrowed all day.

5. Due to aforementioned messes had to do a lot of laundry today. Accidentally threw in Cooper’s entire diaper bag. Wow. I washed a disposable diaper. Not pretty.

But there are good things that happened to me too: I possibly stumbled upon a part-time job. I did a fantastic Red Rocks workout. And I enjoyed a lovely glass of port. And tomorrow will be different, and likely better, and likely contain more port.

So, without further whining and complaining – here is the circuit workout I did Monday with my wonderful mammas.

Set 1: Run .25 mile, 20 box jumps, 20 burpees

Set 2: Grapevine .25 mile, 40 rotating lunges (20 each side)

Set 3: Squat shuffle .25 mile (switch sides half way through), 30 dips

Set 4: Run backwards .25 mile, 5 dive-bomber push-ups, 5 regular push-ups, 5 T-push-ups on each side, 5 clap push-ups.

Set 5: Hill sprints x 4. 20 bicycle crunches, 20 Russian twists, 10 Matrix, 30 second plank.


Truthfully – this isn’t the exact workout we did. I left my notebook in the car and was too lazy to go get it, so we did something very similar, but not identical. And we did not repeat it, although it was my intention. My kids were not enjoying the dirt that day. Maybe I should have recognized the signs of things to come….

And, while I’m doling out workouts. This is the Red Rocks workout we did on Tuesday night.

Warm up – Run bleachers with two sets of steps in between each row. Meaning: Run a row, run up two flights of stairs, run a row, etc. To the top.

1. Run down two sets of stairs, run up one. To the bottom.

2. Each bleacher – step up with left leg, knee up with right. Step down. Step up with right leg, knee up with left. Step down. Box jump up. Every row, to the top.

3. Run down two sets of stairs, run up one. To the bottom.

4. Run across row and back the next. 10 push ups. Run across next row and back the next. 10 bicycle crunches. Repeat to the top.

5. Run down two sets of stairs, run up one. To the bottom.

Then…Go home, snuggle your littles and your big and have a glass of port!