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What’s in my ear…

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Music has the ability to make my workout twice as long, three times as challenging, four times as fun and five times as soul-satisfying. On the flip-side, lack of music will shut me down like a dead battery. If my music quits on me, I will run home, grab my husband’s Nano or my iPod (I always run with a Shuffle) and start my run over.

I am not kidding. When my music dies mid-run, a big part of my motivation dies with it. Silence in my ears is my worst enemy. First, the music stops, then I turn my little device on and off again – disbelieving – as if it might be just teasing me; then I groan aloud, let my head fall back, and look at the sky miserably like my life is about to end. Its dramatic. I could probably work up some tears if it was a rough enough day.

I know lots of people judge those who run with music. But I can’t help it. I NEED it. I listen to music almost always. Yes, during races. Yes, when there are other people with me. It’s like my magic feather, I’m pretty sure I can’t fly without it. It makes me feel strong. Tough. Bad Ass. It makes me forget that I have snot stuck to my knee (not my own), that I smell like an onion, that I have a baby wipe hanging out of my shorts or that I earlier consumed a piece of partially chewed apple that one of my kids spit into my hand. Judge THAT. So, YES. Music.


And a few of you have asked me what I’ve been listening to this summer. I go through all sorts of musical phases. Sometimes its 80s. Sometimes its hard core rap. I adore Eminem when I’m running. Any other time I might run from him. {Sorry Marshall} I have been known to punch the air, leap off an obstacle, wiggle my butt and sing really, really, REALLY loudly while running with music. And you don’t even wanna know the things I will do when I’m flying along on my in-line skates. I’m scary groovy.

And to me, all that extra adrenaline is well worth the judging, scoffing and whatever else anyone else dishes out. I love my music. Exercise keeps me sane, music keeps me exercising. That’s a no-brainer. So, without further thinking, here’s what’s in my ear this summer:

All the Right Moves        3:58    OneRepublic
Blown Away        4:00    Carrie Underwood
Bulletproof        3:26    La Roux
Call Me Maybe        3:13    Carly Rae Jepsen
Cosmic Love        4:16    Florence + The Machine
Crystallize        4:19    Lindsey Stirling
Dynamite        3:24    Taio Cruz
E.T.        3:26    Katy Perry
Grenade        3:42    Bruno Mars
Grounds for Divorce        3:39    Elbow
Hey Mama        2:58    Mat Kearney
Ho Hey        2:43    The Lumineers
Hotride        4:36    The Prodigy
I Knew You Were Trouble        3:40    Taylor Swift
Moves Like Jagger      3:21    Maroon 5
Poker Face        3:57    Lady GaGa
Radioactive        3:07    Imagine Dragons
Secrets        3:45    OneRepublic
Sober        4:12    P!nk    Funhouse
Stronger        5:13    Kanye West    Stronger
Sweet Nothing (feat. Florence Welch)        3:34    Calvin Harris
Telescope (feat. Hayden Panettiere)        3:13    Nashville Cast

And ooooh my does Florence Welch do it for me these days! That girl can make me sprint!

My, its been awhile.

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Well. Gosh. I don’t know where to start. Its not like I haven’t been doing stuff. In fact, that’s the problem. I’ve been doing way too much stuff!! Yes, activities are taking over my life. I am pretty sure this happens to me every summer. At least every summer since we’ve been here in CO, so yup, for 3 summers now I have been swallowed whole by the whale of activities that exist in CO. And there are so many things I’m doing that I’m forgetting to do other things that I love!! Like ride up Lookout Mountain with my Mountain Man once a week! Lookout Mountain Wednesday has disappeared! Aaack!! We lost it somewhere between Red Rocks circuit workouts and the pirate ship slide at the outdoor pool. And the pool! Crap! I haven’t swam any laps since I don’t know when!! And this IS outdoor swimming pool time. I haven’t swam a single lap outside. Has there ever been anything so sad? Probably. Yes. So I’ll shut up now.

And we’ve also only played in the creek twice. Wrong. So wrong.

But to right the wrongs, how about I share a Red Rocks workout? Its been awhile since we mamas have been to Red Rocks. For some reason Red Rocks goes and thinks its a concert venue or something. Sheesh. But thankfully last night there wasn’t one. So we got our stairs on.

Because what do you do at Red Rocks when you are parents instead of young, carefree concert-goers? You run. That’s sad and cool at the same time. I’m serious – think about it.

Here’s what we did instead of rock out:

What you see when you catch your breath.

Warm up: Run a row across, up two flights of outer stairs. Repeat to top.

Down: Run down two flights of outer stairs, run up on. Repeat to bottom.

Up: Planters. Run to the planter, scale it. Look like a drunken monkey. Wreck every nail on both hands. Repeat to top.

Down: Squatting duck walk. What? You don’t know what that means? You’re just in denial. It is exactly what is sounds like. Squat down low, let those knees flap out to your sides and walk down the stairs, one webbed foot at a time. Hold your wings in front of you for balance.

Up: One box jump onto the bleachers. Three push ups. Step up to next bleacher. One frog jump to next bleacher. Three dips. Repeat all the way up.

Down: Run to end of row, 5 Russian twists. Down two sets of inner stairs (two rows), run back across, 5 flutter kicks, down two sets of stairs. Repeat to bottom.


So go on, put in those earbuds and have your own party!