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Train like a Mama

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Right now I’m training for a half-marathon. I am super-ridiculously excited to run it. I’ll be running with an amazing friend who lives far, far away. She’s so amazing she’s just like me. I wish I could see her everyday. But instead we’ll settle for a 2.5-hour race we can squeal and talk all the way through. Actually, I want to run the whole thing holding her hand, but that might elicit too many stares at a time when I am already self-conscious of my geeky running shorts.

And as if my dear friend were not enough, my speedy little sister, cousin and soon to be cousin-in-law will also be zooming around. GO FAMILY!!!

So anyway. In preparation for our 13.1-mile-talk-a-thon we are training. I did a marathon in 2005, and followed a training plan religiously. It was hard work. It was a HUGE time commitment.

There is no way I can do such a thing right now. Nor can she. I only have two kids and no paying job. She has THREE, count them 1,2,3 offspring AND a job. Holy guacamole. She’s amazing.

I have to be realistic. I have to sleep. Otherwise I’m likely to be too crushed by reality and turn to chocolate, caffeine and cookies – during the race. This means I cannot, cannot, cannot, expect to run 5 days a week, or even work out in any capacity 5 days a week. So I need to follow a realistic training plan.

This one is not so bad:

And how about I even modify it more? Sure, I will run 3 days a week, but the other two days of cross-training?  Eh. Maybe. Maybe not. It’s not because I wouldn’t loooove to do them, it’s because I’ve got two kids and a husband who need to be loved on at least a little every day. Oh, and I have to keep them clothed, fed and reasonably clean. The kids, not the husband. He can bathe and dress himself. And if he doesn’t – I just step away.

So, I have to pick and choose my workouts. And you know what? That’s fine. I’m not trying to break through any finish line tape or set a new land speed record. So far I have been pretty faithful about getting in 4 workouts a week. I’m up to 10 miles for long runs, and I’m feeling pretty frisky. I do a circuit on Monday, two short runs during the week – anywhere from 3 to 6 miles – and one long one on the weekend. I think its working. I’ll let you know after April 7th.

Here’s another one with more runs each week, but from a moms’ running blog, so seemingly possible:

Also, at least one of my weekly runs is with a wee one in the jog stroller. Sometimes two. And I just want to say that when they’re both in there, they are not so wee….whoooo holla! – they are heavy. Together they weigh 50 lbs, and that doesn’t even count the weight of the double jogger. I don’t condone complaining, but this is not an exaggeration; any little hill has me huffing and puffing like tiny blue Thomas the Tank Engine. So, if I only get in 2.5 miles, I try not to fret. And before yee judge, yee try it and see.

Feelin’ Fine

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Oh was it ever a good week last week!! The weather was amazing, and there was a lot of running to be had!! I got in four runs, all without kids. I also attempted one with kids and it wasn’t pretty. At all. U.G.L.Y. Sorry folks, it happens.

And yes, it’s still January here in CO, so we’re still working out in the mall. Which, despite how we look, works very well. I am certain the mall clean-up crew hates us – LOATHES us in fact –  because after we leave the play area looks like someone blew up a grocery cart. A really full grocery cart. But it is what it is. So far no one has told us to leave, or lectured us on mall etiquette, or arrested us. We’ve been told not to run, but we’re down with that.

So, if you have a mall, and you have children…work out at the play area, or some other wide-open middle-of-the-mall space before the mall opens. When the power walkers are out. They will accept you into their fold, trust me.

Without further delay, the circuit workout of the week:    Oh, and I almost forgot – this works best (meaning: is more difficult) with a kettle bell, hand weights or bands.

30 triceps kickbacks
20 spider drags
30 bicep curl to overhead press
15 traveling push ups
30 dips
20 Triple Delt DutyHold a dumbbell in each hand out to the sides at shoulder level. Circle arms forward 15 times, then back 15 times. Next, bend elbows 90 degrees. Rotate forearms down so they’re parallel to the floor, then back up. Then bring elbows together and back out
15 each side curtsy lunges with hammer curl
20 Pop ups, (from plank pop up to a surfing position)
25 up and overs
10 3-way jump squat (land with feet hip width, then shoulder width, then wide with toes out)