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Core Repeater (wait two days before you thank me)

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I am feeling especially blog-dorky today. For some reason I can’t even find the editing tool that allows me to change font size. Sigh. I’d better go spend some quality time in the hammock with my daughter….Maybe we can zone out together and solve our problems in the cozy, rainbow comfort of a giant piece of hanging fabric. Sorry for my lack of words, but it’s a great workout – I do not lie. Do it once, do it twice, but don’t try it in a hammock. That’s not gonna end well.

Set1, 4 exercises, 30 sec. each, no breaks:

1. Jumping jacks

2. Russian twists

3. Push-ups

4. Sumo Squat

Core Set, do each exercise 10x:

Spider push-ups, 5 on each side. In a spider push-up  bring one knee to one elbow and hold in place while completing your push-up.

Tri-cep push-up

Push-up into side plank, back down into second push-up, then into a side plank on the opposite side

Plank walk 5 steps on way, 1 push-up, plank walk 5 steps the opposite way, 1 push-up. To plank walk, get into a proper plank position and walk your hands and feet to one side, one at a time. For greater difficulty move the same hand and foot simultaneously.

30-sec. rest

Set2, 4 exercises, 30 sec. each, no breaks:

Lunge Jump



1-legged squat (30 sec on each leg)

Repeat Core Set

30-sec. rest

Set3, 4 exercises, 30 sec. each, no breaks:

Fast feet (think Flashdance)

Matrix. To do a Matrix, kneel down with upper body straight. Bring your hands together in at your sternum. Holding your hands in place and keeping your back straight, lean back as far as you can, engaging your core, and then come back to the starting position. Keep your upper body stiff and straight.



Repeat Core Set

30-sec. rest

Set4, 4 exercises, 30 sec. each, no breaks:

High knees


Superman (hold it for 30 sec)

Squat jumps

Repeat Core Set

Aaaand, you’re done. Feel free to do the whole thing twice if you want 🙂